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Editorial Seleer was created with the purpose of achieving the dreams of many new authors all over the world, thereby promoting knowledge and culture. Once our reading committee has approved an author's manuscript, we enable this author to publish his work with no need for editing or any payment from the author's side. We work on providing him a book signing in his town and send his published work to bookstores. All we ask for is a reasonable minimum number of book sales in the first book signing.

Some of our goals and interests are:

  • Spreading culture.

  • Working in a professional manner so that your work may be able to compete with the best books in the market. To do this, we employ the best professionals in the market be it typesetters, designers, distributors, printers, etc ... and the author will always have the backing of a major publisher.

  • The author's books are physically in bookstores and available on demand in the El Corte Inglés, Fnac, Amazon, Amazon Kindle e-readers, in our online store and in print with free shipping to Peninsula Iberica and Baleares Islands.

  • Moreover, we will arrange book signings in many places to make sure that our author's work holds a prominent place within the literary world.

  • We publish all kinds of genres.

At Editorial Seleer, we have innovated the concept of book publishing. Unlike many other publishers, we will never ask our authors for any money upfront or for co-editing their work. When publishing with Seleer, no upfront expenses of any type will ever be required.

We will not ask for money to arrange your book signing nor will we ask you to pay for book signings at fnac, English Court or Book House.

We firmly believe in the works of our authors and we try to give them the same opportunities that an acclaimed author has because their works are just as great. It is with this philosophy that Editorial Seleer works, hand in hand with the author, in order to make the published work a great success.

Even though we never ask for any money to publish your work, we do require that a reasonable minimum number of books be sold within a week of the book signing. Here, we do not sell fancy words in order to make you pay thousands upon thousands of Euros for publishing your book. We are very clear and direct.

In conclusion, with Editorial Seleer, you can rest assured that if you are sure of your work, your success is assured as we work hand in hand towards your goal.


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