Shipment is free to any city in Latin America, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Italy, United States, Canada, Australia, Asia, UK! Take advantage and order your copy in our store now!

Seleer Press offers a contract which lasts for a year and is renewable.

  • Includes ISBN, barcode and legal deposit.

  • Our services include: artwork and lay-out design, printing and distribution of the work in bookstores as well as associated online platforms.

  • We send press notes for your signings and we promote your work by means of social networks.

  • We publish our authors books through various means including hard copies and Kindle E-books.

  • No upfront payments or co-editing are required. We just need you to sell a minimum number of copies in the first signing and the week following it.

  • We send you the copies you need to sell in the first week without any cost for you (free shipment!). /li>
  • We manage book signings by contacting cultural centers or public libraries in your town.

  • Once we put your book in malls, we manage book signings there as well if you are interested.

  • We publish English-speaking authors from any country.

  • Any reader can order your book from our online store with free shipment worldwide.

Very important: Seleer Press does not correct your texts. Even though we will carefully proofread it, you should send it to us corrected. Thus, we avoid future conflicts for the good of all. Thank you so much.


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